What age should you b to have sex???

ok my boyfriend is beggin 4 me to lose my virginity to him I don’t want to because I think im too yung…how old shuld you be to first have sex

Answer #1

If you think your too young then it doesn’t matter what age anyone else thinks you should. We all develope at a different pace. If you don’t feel ready, then simply say no and if he is worth having sex with he’ll respect your wishes.

Answer #2

There’s really no set age. However I think someone should be over 18, but like anyone will do that, right? But if you don’t want to don’t do it. Simple…tell him no. If he loved you enough he’d understand and wait.

Answer #3

The fact that he is BEGGING you means you definitely shouldnt!! That is a RED FLAG that he doesnt have your best interest at heart, only getting his needs fulfilled. Sex doesnt keep a relationship, it only complicates it for young teens who have NO clue of the consequences after. Your only 13…you will have many boyfriends, why lose it to the first one you date. It will be more special, and be more meaningful if you save it for the guy you will be spending the rest of your life with, not to a horny boyfriend who keeps begging. I guarantee if you do decide to give it up to him…you WILL regret it, because chances are you will not be with this boy for very long.

Answer #4

I agree with the other 2 young ladies.. You should try and wait as long as you can! Because one minute you feel like you are ready and the next day you aren’t..It’s ashame so many girl’s don’t take virginity as serious as people use to back in the day..And I can tell you right now that you aren’t ready..because if you were, you wouldn’t have to post that question on the internet for us to answer this for you.. just take your time with boys and let your main focus be on finishing school, before you think about laying in a bed with a guy..think more about what college you want to go to rather than when you should lose your virginity..

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