What age did most of the MMA fighters start training?

I’m 18 with no MA training so there’s pretty much no hope for me to do that even if I pick an art tomorrow… But I’m just curious if I could at least become efficient in an art if I chose one. Also which one should I choose?

Thank you.

Answer #1

This is me, as you can see I’m not exactly built, my legs are pretty strong from cross country and track… I want to pick the style I’d be most efficient in… I’m thinking Muay Thai, based on previous suggestions.

Answer #2

well my sister goes out with a mma caged steel fighter and he didnt start till he was 30. chose whicheva you want to choose but I don’t think its too late altho he does live in the uk so it might be different if you live in USA! x

Answer #3

depending how much and hard you train, you could get into it well in your 20’s

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