What about my arms?

I know a thousand ab, thighs, and buttox exercises. BUT what are some good arm toning exercises? I want to eliminate the arm flab - I HATE it. I do have little hand weights. Do I rely on cardio, or are there some good hand weight exercises that you know of that will help with the unattractive arm flab? How may reps, and how often, and how long before I should see a difference?

Answer #1

Thank you princess- good idea! Do you mean the ones that have the kind of handle you grip on each side and you can put the middle of it under your feet? If so- thanks for the reminder. I used that way back in the day-its user friendly and you can feel the burn. Thanks!

Answer #2

try getting a resistance band… an elestic thing that you have to pull apart it gets pretty hard resistance training is great for toning flabby bits

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