Went tanning got burned!!! any advice???

I went tanning today and got a really bad burn on my stomach and chest, will this burn turn into a tan eventually? and is there anything I can do to make it switch to being a tan faster or help with the pain lol

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I went tanning and I got burned pretty bad, it didn't peel for some reason and I got a slight tan out of it. so those of you saying you can't are not completely correct. but if you get burned and get a slight tan its not going to make much of a difference.

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im sure you will get a little tan out of it but not if you dont take care of it. they have lotions to put on that will help it heal and keep it from burning and peeling so bad just go to anytaning salon and they will tell you what you need.

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Give it a week and try it again with a time of 10 mins, get a base tan by going every 48 hrs for 10 mins for a month ,then 15 the next month until you get your base tan. maintain by tanning twice a week 15 or 20 min at the max

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put on some aloe vera; im not sure if that will help turn it into a tan. but make sure when you go tanning you wear a tanning lotion and you start off with only a few minutes then add more as you go. you will get the best of your tanning bed usage if you do that.

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congradulations, you one step closer to getting skin cancer
and no, a burn wont turn into a atn
it just a burn, and if its a serious burn then all it will do is scar
for the menaitime its just going to stay red, swollen and flakey
its not going to turn into a tan

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if it hurts then you won't get darker, your skin will just peel off. next time use a spf of at least 15 to get an even tan. Also keep your skin mosturized then the peeling won't be as bad.

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I Dont know if it will tan but you need to be very careful if its that burned

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I am burned now to.. :/

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SrRy... & Im Nt sUrE...

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hahaha I gotta see a pic!

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