What is the weirdest, most unexplained/unexpected thing that has ever happened to you?

Answer #1

My first kiss lol. I almost sh*t my drawers. (;

Answer #2

lol awhh:P

Answer #3

my lung collapsing does this count ??

Answer #4

When the ufo picked me up and took part of my brain as data samples… They gave me a lollipop afterwards so all is forgiven :)

Answer #5


Answer #6

This gal and I were good friends. The Best of “friends”. Such good friends that eventually we became a “relationship”. You know how you think you know someone? Forget it. Once we were a relationship, she slowly, (not too slowly) but deliberatley became a manipulative, jealous (fake) control freak, succubus, angry, (for attention) a liar, manipulating psycho bitch from hell. I really loved her when we were friends, but after that it all changed and what a rude awakening. Trouble is, it took me 6 years to finally get away from her. I don’t lie, and it was straight out of a horror movie. the very worst experience of my life. (I’ve had many, and most people would rate them differently) That bitch got into my head and it made her non-human psyhci happy. She can, will and does manipulate everyone very powerfully. There are dangerous people out there folks.

Answer #7

that actually frightens me.. the fact that some people you think you know inside-out are the people you know the least.. I’m sorry to hear that, bro.. That really sucks :/

Answer #8

Thanks young man. Let it be a lesson. There are people in this world who are’nt even human it seems. Sociopaths, psychopaths, ect. And most are very good at manipulating. It’s their subconcious “job”. It’s what they do. Once you get sucked in, you feel obligated, ect. It’s evil. I thank God that i finally got free from that bitch, and now feel sorry for the others she has brought down since. I see em in town, including the one she has now, poor bastard, he don’t know what to do.

Answer #9

No problem. Yeah I have met my share. We all like to think we’re stronger than that and we’re not able to get sucked in but the truth is the only ones who can’t are a*sholes who no one likes. Yeah hopefully that poor guy finds a way out…

Answer #10

Seeing what me & my friend thought was a fire in the sky,and seeing a very slow object (plane?) up there.I never seen a plane move that slow. Then,out of nowhere,it lit up,& was gone in a second. There was no sound,it jus lit up,and disappeared. Never figured it out, and no one believes us. We don’t care, WE DID SEE IT!!

Answer #11

when my fishes one day learned to stay in a group when i come to them with fish food. i love my fishes :) when this gorgeous adult i know and like kept commenting on what a good writer i am and patted on my back but then it turns to rubbing on my back very firmly.

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