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Weird dreams are freaking me out

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My friends think I'm pretty normal, and maybe most of the time, but I have these really intense dreams like I'm living another life or maybe a previous life or an alternate life. Sometimes I will wake up and not really know where I am, like I don't recognize my bedroom right away because I'm still sort of dreaming.

So last night I stayed over at my boyfriend's house and around 5am or so I was having this dream where I was fighting this man and woman and I managed to chain them to a tree, but I was all upset and furious, and I sat up in bed and looked over at my boyfriend and jumped out of bed because I was scared, like I thought he was from my dream, and fell down and hit my head on the window sill, and then felt really stupid when he woke up and saw me and wondered what was going on.

But the feeling from the dream stayed with me all day. Do you think we live alternate lives, or are dreams nothing more than dreams? And if so, how do I make my dreams less stressful?