Loose 1 lb a week?

how can I loose 1 lb a week

Answer #1

I heard… cut down 500 of your daily calories for a week and in the end… you would lose weight.

Answer #2

That’s easy… and you’re doing it safely unlike most everyone on this site! Hold up hand for high five

All you have to do is exercise off/diet off 500 calories less than you do daily…

So I just checked out your profile, and you’re a 13 year old girl. (like me! :) ) That means you have to eat on average between 1800-2200 calories a day. So let’s average that out to 2000. Now, to be safe, still eat 1800 calories so you don’t starve then blow it and eat everything (I’ve done that SO MANY TIMES!).

So now you eat 1800 calories each day (If you eat just a little more, you’re fine.).. Now, how to take off the other 300 or so calories? Now, my friend, you have to work it off!

300 calories isn’t that hard to take off… I’ve seen that, on average, running for about half an hour a day burns about that much. But just to be a little better, Do 5 minutes of lunges, crunches, push-ups, etc. If you live in an environment where you can’t run, then jump on a trampoline for half an hour (Equals about the same work-out if you run for a mile.). if you don’t have a trampoline, then just do those excersizes (Jumping jacks, lunges, crunches, whatever) for about half an hour.

Make sure to stretch before and after you work out! It hurts like hell if you don’t!!

Good luck and don’t worry if you don’t see results for a little while… It takes a while for your body to get used to it, and your first few days will be hell, but don’t give up, and everything will be fine!

♥ and good luck!

– liberty

Answer #3

15 crunches to start. stretch your legs for 10 min. 30 squats to start. then do the bridge for about 5 min. and stretch your legs again. MUST STRETCH IF you DON’T WANT TO HURT IN THE MORNING. lol. it worked for me. Good luck!!!

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