Does pickle juice get weed out of your system?

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get a blood transfushion

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well I've personally tried pickle juice and at least with me it DID NOT WORK!!!
just get Cranberry pills 1000mg and take like 10 of them and drink a lot of water and you should be good I always pass my UA!!!

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screw all those up there lol... I am on probation and I use a product called strip which I buy from my local hemp shop. it comes with 4 pills and a 1oz bottle of liquid. take the pills WITH THE LIQUID ONLY!!! after its gone then drink a lot of water. around 48 ounces or so I drank up to 64 and it still worked. take it 2 hrs before your test it masks thc in your system. it has worked every time for me and is guaranteed by the hemp shop... good luck guys

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are you serious??? here I thought I'd find some usefull alternative to my probation/rehab tests and I just found a pocket full of retards... but I guess thats what most of the world is and especially internet dorks, YOUR ALL RETARDS!! sorry, but the smartest guy on the blog is talking about a 5 day/5 pill detox when he took 3 other pills too? and another $100 complete flush??? I'm sure your s.h.I.t. worked, and I really hope it did going through that kinda trouble.. but where are you guys from? here in califoria we have whats called a HEAD SHOP say it with me...BODEGA!! I've passed a probation test sent to a lab (when I blazed the night before) with a 17 dollar HOUR CLEANSE-f.u.c.k. your week 8 pill bull.s.h.I.t.!! pickles are just a little cheaper and I heard from a friend who tried to join the military that his recruiting officer told him to drink pickle and cranberry juice and he'd be clean in a couple days. I thought you dip.s.h.I.t.s would have some useful information on the subject but I guess you're all f.u.c.k.tards. sorry I wasted my time reading your s.h.I.t., and now I'm sorry I even took this long to write my s.h.I.t. but your all apparantly noobs to blazing or something, so I felt I had to enlighten the few slightly intelligent dumb.f.u.c.k.s who acually read this crap. good luck with your drug test, is what I used. I hope your kids are smarter than your uninformed/hopeless asses..

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just poop

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Dear bigwood223,
Because THC stores in body fat there is nothing that will take it out of your system but time. Depending on the amount in the system it can take 2-40 days to leave. THC is the chemical in marijuana that they test for. Pickle juice is vinegar and salt and can make someone sick by drinking too much. Less than a cup will give you your total salt intake for one day. It is chemically impossible for it to rid the body of THC.
Sue...good luck

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sweating does help since the THC is stored in fat cells, exercise, go run, something.
Your best bet is the night before the test start chugging crannberry juice or alcohol and peeing your brains out. the day of the test drink water nonstop, just over and over and over, totally dilute your system. so when the test comes around, you will be pretty flushed out and have a much higher chance of passing.don't give them your first pee of the day as toxins tend to build up overnight and this will be your dirtiest pee. hope they dont do hair or blood cause it takes up to 30 days to get out of your hair or blood.

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Why do people reply when they have no clue what they are talking about.

1) If you drink too much water the urine test will come back as inconclusive and you will fail. You should drink about a gallon of water a day, but stop drinking water about 48 hours before the test.

There are two products out there that can detox your system (complete detox - not mask) that you can buy and it works, I proved it over and over again.

The first product is called Isis. It's a package with 5 pills in it. I took a package a day for 5 days. I also took 3 pills of Daily Detox for 5 days. I didn't drink caffeine or smoke at all. within 5-7 days I was completely detoxed..even after excersice it still didn't come up.

The second product is called Complete Flush, runs about $100 dollars and comes in pill or liquid form. Garunteed to complete detox you in 8 days.

The detox is designed for THC and it works.

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