What websites do you go on, besides FunAdvice?

Answer #1

tumblr, facebook, youtube, formspring, sixbillionsecrets, deviantart, & shopping. (:

Answer #2

Facebook,hotmail,funnyjunk,google and random ones my friends send me.

Answer #3

Facebook, fanfiction.net, deviantart, twitter and hotmail.

Answer #4

Facebook and YouTube are my other main two.

Answer #5

haha me too

Answer #6

tumblr, facebook, youtube, dearblankpleaseblank, and unfriendable.

Answer #7

facebook, youtube, yahoo, formspring & imgur!(:

Answer #8

fml, peopleofwalmart, facebook,

Answer #9

tumblr, facebook, yahoo, youtube, online shops, deviantart

and google, especially google. i do my research there :D

Answer #10

Facebook, YouTube, LiveJournal, Hot or Not, Shopping websites, Allposters, Fye, Photobucket

Answer #11

I could watch hours on YT. But we have an internet usage now. :[

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