What can I do besides sleep?

Im so bored it 5:54am in ireland what wil I do aparts from sleep

Answer #1

you could skip google and just type in myspace.com

Answer #2

im bored too

Answer #3

omgg,he should have been in bed along time ago! lol

Answer #4

well,if you don’t have a computer then I think it would be kinda hard to make a myspace on your cell phone.

Answer #5

I agree…myspace…but if its 5 I dont think many of your friends are going to be online lol but you can always listen to music or watch videos on there


Answer #6

I cant I don’t have a comptur, im on dis funadvice wit my phone, and what is my space I havnt heard of it?

Answer #7

I would but my phone cant go on 2 it, its 6:13am ha I might go 2 bed gud night every1

Answer #8

Go on myspace.thats always entertaining[:

Answer #9

go to bed

Answer #10


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