what is a website that has quizzs so i can find out if i have add or adhd?

Answer #1

Only a doctor can diagnose you…online quizzes can at best make you paranoid :)

Answer #2

There are no websites that can diagnose ADHD. It’s a very complicated diagnosis that really takes a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a neurologist to diagnose. A general practitioner (i.e. your family doctor) is really not good enough. And there’s no quiz that can do it. In fact there’s no one testing tool that can do it either.

Answer #3

an online quiz can NOT predict wether ot not you have adhd or any other disease, and it can actually be quite dangerouse using the internet to diagnose yourself. if you beleive you have it, reasearch the SYMPTOMS online, then talk to a doctor about why you beleive you have adhd and what symptoms of it you have

Answer #4

google it

Answer #5

Lol myself having ADHD,add and adhd distinct diseases that can in no way be diagnosed by some general questionaire online. My psychiatrist made the diagnoses, and the only way to truly see if you have either disease is a drug trial, if you do well on the chosen medicine(generally a stimulant) you have one of the two conditions but if the meds make you sick and mentally fuzzy you dont.

Answer #6

i am not paranoid i have all the symptoms

Answer #7

Those ‘symptoms’ could be attributed to a number of other disorders (or no disorder at all, we’re all on the continuum of how focused we are or how much energy we have). So again, it doesnt mean much.

Answer #8

ya it does because the doctor said he wants to see me because he said there is a good chance i have it

Answer #9

http://funadvice.com/r/3k5kj1ao5b and http://funadvice.com/r/3k5kj1aob0 both have many quizzes for you to use.If you want to make quizzes yoursef you can choose QuizCreator (http://funadvice.com/r/3k5kj1aof3.

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