When wearing headphones, are you supposed to hear the blood flowing through or around your ears?

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I get that when I wear mine for too long, pressure or something, I'm guessing. I mean, if you stick your finger in your ear, you can hear your pulse because of the same reason, right? I don't know if it's bad or not though.

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I just put them on and then I heard something odd, which turned out to be my pulse, me thinks I have a strong heart ;) (that's wishful thinking I know, lol.)

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Is water coming out of your ear? When you put ear phones in it tends to open up your ears and flushes water out sometimes if you don't clean your ears too well. The pulse is normal, happens to me all the time.

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The pulse means you're alive, and well. But, if you're putting it a little over the top and hear that, id lower it just in case. :)

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that happens to me too, i think it's pretty normal. because the heaadphones just make it quieter so you can hear your pulse

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I Don't Really Hear That And I Have A Rapid Heart Rate I Only Play My Headphones On Normal Volume Because I Write In My Journal.. Or Walk With My Headphones On. Maybe You Have Some Water In Your Ear??It's No Big Deal Unless THe Pulse Is Abnormal I Got Checked For That Too.. But It's Just Fast

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