Why do my ears itch so bad from the headphones?

I have a pair of headphones that go right into the ear… every time I wear them, the inside of my ear itches like crazy. I don’t have allergies to anythng like that, so what is going on?

Answer #1

maybe your allergic to whatever they’re made of. Or, do you mess with them (twist them, take them in and out, push them in farther, re-adjust them.) constantly? That could defff’ cause irritation.

Answer #2

Try disinfecting them. Maybe something evil and invisible has built a colony on them.

I had it with a ring once. It gave me terrible itches. But when I put it in a disinfection bath, it was fine to wear afterwards.

Of course, headphones are much harder to disinfect. You can’t just bathe them in disinfection. Maybe you can apply some sort of spray and wipe them clean? Do you have foam material pads on your headphones? If so, you could remove, bathe and dry them and put them back on. Or get new ones.

If you touch your headphones with any liquid, please dry them thoroughly before you use them again. You don’t want to cause a short circuit that might ruin them.

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