Would you wear this shirt?

Either as a joke or to make a statement you actually believe in. if so, which one?

Answer #1

I would. Just because i like the word c*nt.

Answer #2


Answer #3

No, I wouldn’t wear that shirt…I don’t really see the point in it. I don’t know her well enough judge whether or not she is one. Plus, I don’t like that word. It sounds…nasty.

Answer #4


Answer #5

yeah,that word is pretty dirty. Aha, she’s seems like a sweet lady too. :D

Answer #6

cnt cnt cnt cnt cnt cnt cnt cnt cnt cnt cnt cnt >:]

Answer #7

Lol that is funny but I wouldn’t wear that shirt. Plus from what I can tell, Sarah works hard in what she does.

Answer #8

Lol…Irene, calm down. It’s not the same with a star anyway. :P

Answer #9

i would replace it with the name NANCY PELOSI and wear it

Answer #10

No. I think the shirt is a little ridiculous. o_O

Answer #11

no i wouldnt… it wood probaby affend some people

Answer #12

*offend, and i’m guessing that’s the point :)

Answer #13

Yes :D I want that shirt lol. “Either as a joke or to make a statement you actually believe in. if so, which one?” - Both :p

Answer #14

The “c” word is rather naughty and shouldn’t be on a t-shirt but having said that, if Sarah Palin was elected as President, Americans who voted for her are all mcfuktarts, dumb as bat sh-ts.

Answer #15


Answer #16

I would rock that shirt…. I would prefer if it said “Bristol Palin is a C_nt” Meh… they both are ;)

Answer #17

I would wear it as a true statement…

Answer #18

Well i wouldnt, because my political beleifs are rather nonexistant. But perhaps if i had stronger opinions in politics….probably not though. Its kind of immature…

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