Weaning baby off the bottle

My daughter is 9 months old and she will drink out of a sippy cup, but she will not try to hold it herself. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

My son was doing the same thing at that age. I would give him a sip of it and then sit the cup down right in front of him. He wanted it and eventually started to grab it and now he is 11 months old and holds it himself.

Answer #2

try the Nuby brand sippy cup without handles (the ones with handles leak). I started my daughter out only drinking juice (diluted applejuice) until she got the hang of it. the Nuby’s have a softer spout than any of the other sippy’s I have found. I wouldn’t give baby whole milk until she is a year… the lactose in it can upset her stomach and give her bad diarreah. let her play with an empty cup amongst her toys to get used to it.

Answer #3

ok… I got a sugestion, does your baby hold her own bottle??? If so, I know that your not suppose to do this but I did it and my daughter who is only 7 months can hold a sippy cup with handles and drink from it…you should put about an ounce or half an ounce of milk/formula in her sippy cup. Let her taste it while you hold it and once she knows that she’s getting milk she will instinctly grab the cup as if it was her bottle. Do it a couple times a week (maybe twice in 5 days). BUT don’t continue for a long period of time unless your in the process of putting your baby on whole milk. If you baby eats food more then she drinks milk then this is prefectly fine to do. You should use a sippy cup without handles first. It makes them think that they are holding a bottle, a weird one but if milks in it, it doesn’t matter…

Answer #4

maybe she’s not ready… she’s only 9 months… just keep giving it to her until she decides to hold it

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