Weak legs

For about 2 years I have been haveing problems with my legs. Nothing big. I play soccer all the time in the summer and my legs always feel fine and I can pick up some of the heaviest things and my legs will feel fine, but sometimes when I pick up my cat, my legs start to loose feeling and I feel really weak like I’m gonna fall. . What could that be from?

Answer #1

…Okie xD Thanx people!

Answer #2

Could be an iron deficiency - ask your Dr for his/her opinion…Take care !!

Answer #3

I have exactly the same except mine is in me knees, they are quite strong but after a hard running game of football (soccer to you americans) they bloody kill and feel dead weak, am just assuming its your legs over-resting so they are not fully functionable…I dont know if I have said that right I cant quite say whats in my head lmao

Answer #4

mine sometimes do the same. I have a dislocated disc in my back could b linked to some backk problems maybe or if you dont eat enough or the right things then that will make you weak.

Answer #5

hello my name is reid and im from near by canada… first off I think that you are really beattiful and im 13 too! but the thing about you legs is that its not heavy… you legs are used to heaver things so it switches there weight lifting abailtiies

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