!!!weak knees!!!

Ok so I got a chihuahua… I just want to know how to prevent weak knees on the chihuahua, I love taking it for walks and he loves it to but ya…

Answer #1

thxs everyone!<3

Answer #2

I agree with Phrannie and also maintain a good weight, a chihuahua that is over weight is very bad on there knees.

Answer #3

Jumping on and off furniture is hard on knees…basically tho, it’s a genetic thing, so if your dog’s parents and grandparents didn’t have problems with their knees, this dog won’t either…

Walking him is GOOD for every part of his body.


Answer #4

Just keep your dog on a daily vitamin supplement. Ask your veterinarian what vitamin will be best for keeping your dog’s joints healthy. They should be able to help you out. Sam

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