What are some ways to naturally induce labor?

Answer #1

Why? Inducing labour naturally is dangerous. If your doctor isn’t recommending it, then you shouldn’t even be thinking about it.

The Baby comes first, not the mothers discomfort.

Answer #2

Im Measuring at 40 weeks and the doctor said its fine to walk to try and make myself go into labor. Its nt like im going to pop my own water. I just dont want a stranger delivering my baby

Answer #3

There is no safe way to naturally induce labor but there are some things you can do to help start the process and get things moving. Walking, go to the mall and walk for as long as you can take it, sex- is a natural way to help bring labor on. Just be patient he will come when hes ready, your gonna miss that belly mama so enjoy it while it last. I miss my pregnant belly and feeling kicks somedays.

Answer #4

Think of the bright side….a pack and carry baby is a lot easier to care for than one crying in the bassinette. :)

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