What are some ways I can fix my life?

I’m tired of living this life, but i can’t figure out how to fix it… i really wish someone would had told me how cold life is… Now it’s like everyday is a struggle to get by, i know i wasn’t perfect but i never guessed i would end up like this.. i’m gonna be a young father, no job, probably won’t finish school, i can barly take care of myself.. got a speech disorder ect. ect.

It’s just feel like i hit rock bottem, what can i really make outta my life now.. and i’m just running out of time to quick… i always wish one day i’ll wake up and things would be okay but i wake up to the same sad life i had yesterday, and it get worse and worse as days go by.. i hate when peoples say things will be alright, cause it won’t be.. i’m smart enough to know when everything is done it’s won’t be alright. i feel like crying everyday cause i’m afraid of where i’ll end up.. a bum in the street… a person with no free time…. a lonely person… who knows.. i was always afraid when i was a kid of growing up and joining the real world, and boom my fear came a little to soon

i don’t know how to get a job or keep it, i don’t know how to get pass a interview, i don’t know how to manage everything so school won’t be impossible, i don’t know how bad my disorder is

and all cause of my mistakes that can’t be fix .. not fair how other get a good life and i get a crappy one

Answer #1

First of all - you’re 16 years old…a majority of 16 year olds feel just like you do, so this isn’t something that’s your burden, alone. You’re going through a lot in your life right now, forced to grow up quickly, but this is something you can get through, and you will. What you really need is to learn that it’s not as bad as it seems and you do have options. You’re responsible for the path your life takes, and you may have taken a few wrong turns, but that doesn’t mean you can’t backtrack and choose the right path. It’s not easy to get your life back on track, but it is attainable. Your problem, right now, is that you are feeling depressed and that is getting in the way of your mental clarity and making you feel unable to go on. You need to talk to someone - a counsellor - get all these fears and bad feelings out in the open where you can look at them one by one and realize that it is fixable.

Answer #2

yeah i hate talking to strangers.. which is why i don’t really have a job right now

Answer #3

…and that’s something you need to work on. Unfortunately, society demands that you have the ability to communicate with others to get by, and you’re going to be a father - that child needs a father who is secure, confident and ready and willing to take on the world. Your child will be looking up to you, so if you can’t seem to find the will to improve yourself, then do it for your baby.

Answer #4

i guess you got a good point… but i’m not gonna talk to a counsellor… but i guess i can try to start talking to strangers more

Answer #5

I believe you can fix this. You just need a bit of help. It will get better, but you have to take the necessary steps to make it better. It won’t just happen on it’s on. Seeing a counselor would be a good thing for you, I used to see one, and even though I didn’t think it would help, it did. Stay strong, and try to think positive about things. I know that’s easier said than done, but with a little help, it will get easier. <3 Good luck.

Answer #6

thanks but i’m not talking to a counselor, that just something i can’t do

Answer #7

You can fix this. Do your best and nothing BUT your best! You HAVE to finish High School, you can’t make it these days without a diploma. And they just don’t give’em to anybody you have to work for it. :/ My dad always said “Work smart not hard”. I know there some kind of job you can get you can’t just sit around whine’n about how your life sucks. Someone who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. Make every Second count by doing something to better your life! You could be studying, helping your soon to be mother, trying to find a job, or just helping around the house. Don’t worry about you be coming some damn hobo,lonley, or whatever the hell you put up there. You keep thing’n like then your ass will end up being a hobo or alonely.We can’t plan life. All we can do is be available for it! And don’t go around like “oh life sucks” “i hate my life” Blah blah blah…..Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. Stop whine’n and worrying Anne I know you’ll work this out. Because…your ANNE! My Homie! It’s not gonna be easy though. :]

Answer #8

you are not alone, and if you really want to change your life for the better than it is possible. i am not saying it will be easy, but you can do it. dont waste time worrying about all the bad stuff that can happen, becase then it will. this doesnt mean pretend there are no consequences because then you are just being stupid. One way you can start to straighten out your life is by deciding right now that you will be, and dedicating yourself to being a good father. sure it may not be the ideal time for you to become a dad, but it is what it is, and if you truly love your child it will be ok. Work hard at school, it seems pointless but it is one of the most straightforward ways to change your life right now. have confidence in yourself. once you start to manage school, and helping out with the mother of your child, then focus on getting a job. dress appropriately when going to an interview and express real intress in getting that job (it may be a sucky job but hey, a job is a job). once you get a job, dont just show up, you are there to work… so work! make sure you are spending your time wisely. nothing is going to be handed to you, and nothing is going to change unless you take steps toward making it change. hard work will pay off, so it might suck now, but life will be better in the long run. Also, have a positive attitude! life will be terrible if you only focus on the bad stuff. if you have a positive outlook on life, life will seem better and easier. you are not the only one who is having trouble right now, and people understand that. reach out for help if you need it, no one will look down on you, they will actually respect you more for being brave enough to try to make a better life for yourself and your soon to be family. i am not going to tell you that life will be perfect, because quite frankly: its not going to be. sorry if this doesnt help you or make that much sense, but i understand a lot of what you are going through ( yup my life is far from perfect :/ ) so i want to help (but i have never written an instruction guide on “how to fix life”) if you have questions or want to talk (even if its not about this) you can funmail me :)

Answer #9

bunny you know you can always talk to me, dont think like that :\

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