Who watched Pretty Little Liars and what was your favorite part?

and was Page and Emily kissing at the end?

Answer #1

I don’t get you.. You say you are blind but, your watching videos on youtube, and watching tv! What gives?

Answer #2

Yeah and they swam together. And Hanna kissed Wren! :O

Answer #3

Just because she’s blind doesn’t mean she can’t HEAR what’s going on.

Answer #4

I was at work, so can’t help you there.

Answer #5

Agreed. Some people are just rude.

Answer #6

I agree with harelythecreator. She wasn’t blessed with vision but she was blessed with sound :) maybe you got a little confused because she’s blind & posting something about watching t.v .. but don’t be so rude about it :)

Answer #7

I don’t think Taylor was trying to be rude, I think she just was curious

Answer #8

Yep, just wondering people jeez..

Answer #9

Sorry Taylor if my response sounded rude, but I asked her personally how she watched tv and got online and stuff and she explained it all to me, I was just trying to let you know.

Answer #10

hey harlie..whats up? and thanx..yall need to meet me…im awesome:d..haha! but u will all be surprised of how i do things

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