Who wears the black gloves on Pretty Little Liars?

At the end of most episodes, someone wearing black leather gloves, does creepy stuff like change the population, post a video of ally to the police, smash ally’s memorial, and I’m dying to know who it is!

Answer #1

i have read the first book and A is … spoiler alert …sorry forgot their name ;P lol

Answer #2

Isn’t it ‘A’ who wears the gloves? I know who it is because I read the series, but I don’t know if the T.V. show follows the series exactly.

Answer #3

yes A wears the gloves, except in the show when the memorial is smashed that was that one guy

Answer #4

I already know who a is and who killed Alli.

Answer #5

oh well A usually is wearing the gloves

Answer #6

‘A’ is different in the t.v show than it is in the books. Soo anyone who thinks they know it from the books, dont. They changed it so it would be a surprise.

Answer #7

And yes there hinting that A is the one wearing the gloves

Answer #8

ik ik ik but dont eanna spoil anything but wat book are they spost to be on

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