Where can I watch the US vs. Japan soccer game if I just have regular tv?

I really want to watch the us vs japan game that starts at 2pm today is there a channel that will be showing it on regular tv..like not cable? Or is there an online sorce that will be showing it live?

Answer #1

try going to ESPN, the tv channel or if you go here http://funadvice.com/r/15891i7ni9q it gives you the teams, the tournaments, multimedia where you just enter us vs. japan and it gives you videos and it even gives you a match tracker so you can keep up with the tournament thing. you could even go to another friend/family members house that can get the other, higher, channels.

Answer #2

thanks i found a radio thingy on ESPN i am listening to!

Answer #3

no problem! and that’s good (:

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