Why does my washing machine take so long?

My washing machine will tell me that a wash cycle will take fifty minutes, however, it reality it always takes several hours. Anybody know whats wrong with it? Its quite a new machine

Answer #1

I suggest taking it back, it could be the drum that is getting stuck or you might be loading to much washing into it. Hopefully you still have the warranty?

Answer #2

nope, but luckily its my landlords!

Answer #3

hehe. Good. I know because my mother owns a laundrette, when it takes hours it’s usually the drum.

Answer #4

look at it like this: if a cars fan belt is on its way out it makes a horrible noise, if if finaly does snap the car will be hard to steer and impossible to drive cus most cars power steering is controlled by the fan belt. put your key into your car and try turning the wheel… come back in 5 hours and tell me how long it took to turn it.

im guessing the drive belt has slipped but it is just a guess.

Answer #5

wow thats all way over my head! I dont even know how to drive!

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