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Was it right for my friend and her husband to move back from Hawaii

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Was it right for my friend and her husband to move back home from Hawaii after two months?
Well, as some of you read in a few of my posts that I mentioned about my LDS leader going away to Hawaii, Him and his wife Dawn went to pick up their daughter Amanda and her Husband Jeff from Hawaii. Apon getting married in the Chicago temple, hher and Jeff decided to move to Hawaii since she was going to get a job as a dental Hygienest. And, her husband was going to get a job doing something else.
Well, after two months, they decide to move back to Michigan where'we're all from. Joel and Dawn are the parents of Amanda and she's my age which is 23. I don't know what to think since they spent effert moving out there. Amanda and her husband Jeff decided to move into her parents home downstairs in their basement which is very lovely since I've been there a few times.
I know Hawaii is real expensive. Was it right to have Amanda move back after all the work she went through? Was it right for her parents to bring all the items they took back as well? Also, was it right for the parents to get them?
If I had parents like that, I'd say sure! But, I'd like your point of view on this one. I've developed a spiritual relationship with Amanda's mother and Father. We both belong to the same church. We're all Mormons. Only I was converted so was Dawn. The others, were born into the church. Well, I went on and I would like your thoughts and opinions on this.