How do i get rid of white warts on my toe?

I have 7 white little warts on my toe
I wash my toe 3 times a day never touch it awyays waer socks and use

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let me tell you dry heat every time you get it wet dry it with a hair dryer and get it as hot as you can stand it I've done this and it works over time !!!
I went to a doctor for five years with massive warts on both of my toes and a friend told me to use fire or my lighter or something with extreme heat I could not stand the fire on my toes so I took my hair dryer on high heat setting and blow dried my toes with the warts at first it was kinda uncomfortable becouse you have to keep drying them for about ten minutes I didnt notice much at first but after four to five months my warts are completely gone!!! id be glad to awnser anyones questions good luck!!!

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There is Dr. Scholl's wart remover at your local Walgreens, Eckerd, CVS or whatever pharmacy you have. It's kind of expensive, like $30, but it really works. They have the kind that freezes the warts off, which is exactly what a doctor would do.

It hurts, but it works.

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those are plantar warts (foot warts) they can be cured by over the counter wart remover or a doctor can freeze the warts to cure them quicker.

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ive had sooo many warts on my feet. and i had one on my wrist. i went to the doctor multiple times and first they started freezing them. but that didnt work too well. ive had them frozen, burned, injections. now they are totally gone!

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use a ice cube on your wart twice a day and when it melts,
quickly dry it and put on duck tape. do this twice a day and your wart will be gone in about 2 weeks. we did it to my brother.

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