Walmart is so rude

In some walmarts, nobody smiles at you. They’re hospitality is horrible. When you see the commercials, the employees look so nice, but when you go to a walmart, NOBODY IS NICE. Me and my mom shopped there once, and the cashier person wouldn’t even talk to us, she/he/it, didn’t even tell us the cost of what we bought. Why is walmart so rude? When on TV they’re so nice?

Answer #1

ok look at it this way, how cheerful would you be if you worked at walmart? there’s like a billion people working there, good luck if any of your superiors even know your name or anything about you, you have to deal with whiny customers all day, people who are rude and impatient, you have ugly uniforms, work at minimum wage, probably have more than one job because minimum wage doesnt cut it, you’ve got a family to support, it’s a big place, people are constantly making a mess, I mean come on, wouldnt you be a little cranky after years of working a dead end job?

Answer #2

Well, I used to work at Walmart and being tired and dealing with whiny customers, etc. shouldn’t play a part when it comes to rules. Besides, in my experience there, it was not the customers that were a problem. It was my co-workers and ‘my boss’.

I worked in the photo lab and the girls I worked with were like little school children. They put signs on my back that said stupid stuff like ‘Kick Me’. Customers had to tell me about it. Oh, and my fellow employees let me walk to the other side of the store like that.

My boss was rude and impatient and felt that I should know how to run the place in one day.

There is no excuse for the conduct of the employees at the Walmart that I go to (Well, I used to go. I can’t go anymore). It shouldn’t matter what they have to put up with. I am speaking of ‘customer service’. Customer Service. The second CS was meant to be read very slowly and with accents on every syllable.

It’s more like ‘Make Rules As We Go To Suit Us and Save Our Butts’ Service.

Again, I’m speaking, mainly, of Customer Service. Most Employees are Okay, if you can find one.

Answer #3

Really?? The WalMart here is full of really nice people and I’ve never had a problem taking anything back. I love going to WalMart, theres one by my house and the people are awesome.

Answer #4

They’re racist too! They don’t talk to my mom because she’s Asian but they’ll talk to my dad because he’s white! That’s bull crap on a stick! Some of the REALLY old people are nice but most of them are so mean. I think it’s because Walmart doesn’t pay them that much, like minumum wage or something.

Answer #5

Oh, I have horror stories about the Walmart in my area. Not only are they not friendly but, have you ever tried to return something? They make up the rules as they go along (to suit them). And if you are disabled, forget it.

Write to me if you want to know more.

katwoman =^u^=

Answer #6

yeah you are right, they dont want even talk to you and when you ask where is something that you are looking for they dont tell you anything they just point you with the finger I dont know where are their manners.

Answer #7

I don’t go to walmart… but that is wrong not to welcome people into a store where you will eventually spend money! most stores like hollister they always say Heeey and all that crap… in my opinion it gets on my nerves

Answer #8

wallmart is for people who dont have any social skills!! ( I MEAN THE WORKERS DONT HAVE ANY!)

Answer #9

umm GAZAM69 that was off of Jeff dunum or how ever you spell it! walter said that…

Answer #10

they always tell ughh welcome to walmart , get your s* and get out

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