Why is it that i wake up every two hours during the night ?

Mainly on school nights, i wake up every two hours, check the time, check my phone, drink gatorade, then go back to bed. I’m completely awake when i do it too. It’s getting annoying because it’s probably the reason i sleep in class. Any suggestions ? Thankks.

Answer #1

It just sounds like you’ve developed a bad habit/routine. Usually when people sleep, they have a sleep pattern. Since you’ve been doing this for a while now its become yours. Make sure there no distractions when you sleep, turn off your phone, no lights, no tv, etc. Also make sure that you dont consume anything sugary or caffienated atleast two hours before bed. Use the bathroom before you get into bed, even if you dont feel like you need to go. Your just going to have to work at it for awhile, resist getting up or checking the time if you wake up and just try to go back to sleep. Eventually youll get a normal sleeping pattern back.

Answer #2

You could have insomnia, or if you’ve been stressed out lately your body could get into the habbit of waking itself up every 2 hours.. Maybe you could try to nap less, if you nap a lot. But other than that I’m not sure.. It it doesn’t start going back to the normal hours that you sleep in, you should try talking to a doctor about it next time you go to a doctor.

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