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Who can look at Wagner and honestly say that they don't believe the XFactor is a fix?

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He is a bloody disgrace to the human race. He makes me want to vomit - literally. Just looking at him makes me feel so disgustingly dirty I want to jump in the shower and scrub myself with wire wool. He's revolting. And he's been chatting up all the girls in the house. He's what, 60 odd? And he's touching up girls in their early 20s. He was being so revolting to the dancers that they had to ban him from touching them. If you watch his performances he won't touch them. He's not allowed. And I've never even found his performances entertaining. They're creepy. He has no talent. This is 100% proof that XFactor is a joke. Out of the hundreds of thousands of acts that applied, they couldn't find anyone better than him to put in the final 12? No. It's a joke. He'ss an embarassment and anyone who votes for him should be lined up and shot. Who's with me?