Did you vote today?

Answer #1

nope, im not even registered to vote

Answer #2

nope. never will either until the corruption is done and politics get back to making the lives of citizens better

Answer #3

yes in 19 baby :)

Answer #4

I live in Canada, but we had a election last week and I did get out and vote in it. I think voting is important. Although sometimes its just picking the lsser of evils which can be frustrating.

Answer #5

Yes i did, its idiotic to not go and vote for something that affects you. I also would like my right to whine about things and complain…if you dont even bother to vote, you have no right to complain about whats going on in the country.

Answer #6

Nope but my mom did! My dad couldn’t because he’s outof town and he didn’t sent in one of those “No-Show” letters thingys…

Answer #7

no, to young lol

Answer #8

yes I did. I finally got off my butt registered and voted. I am sick of the mess this country is in.

Answer #9

…how is it ever supposed to get better if you never vote for something better? All you’re doing is allowing someone else to make decisions for you, which will just lead things further into a direction you don’t approve of.

Answer #10

This is so true-and the reason I voted today.

Answer #11

Yep, got up at 6am to go vote before work and school. It’s better to try and make your one vote change something than not to try at all.

Answer #12

im against the party system. that is one of the biggest problem in politics is that stupid party system. and you are saying about some1 else making decisions for us, well thats what the “elected” officials do. they make decisions based off what they want and not what the voters want. yes they do something for the public but very little. the corruption is so bad, that every politician needs to be “dumped” out of office, the party system goes away and every person runs as an independent.

Answer #13

so basically you’ll never vote?

Answer #14

no, unless the corruption lessens but we all know it won’t. the vast majority of politicians are corrupt and do not do what is best for the public. the sad part is they are pushing this country into the ground and the product of it is not going to be pretty its going to be bad. more and more revolts will occur. the solution is to wipe out the party system and empty every seat of government, and cap every term for every political seat.

Answer #15

that is a possible solution.

Answer #16

But that won’t happen without quite a large revolt. There aren’t really any revolts now, so there’s no near solution. What you’re doing is allowing the “elected” officials, as you put it, be elected by other people. Of course you’re not going to like the government if everyone in it is picked by someone else. There are radicals, there are persuasive speakers, and there are plenty of sheep, and all you’re doing is clearing the way for them to take over. The point of electing officials is to have someone up there that’ll make decisions for you, the point is to elect the person that you think will make the right decisions, and the best decisions, for their people. Sure, government is corrupt, but some sorts of corrupt manage to take care of the people along the way.

Answer #17

for the most part, but that is the scary part about this corruption. if it keeps getting worse we will get near the point of a huge revolt. i hate the conspiracy theorist that say the only way to correct everything is a possible civil war but i dont want that to happen plus that would be even worse to have happen

Answer #18

I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon, but in any case, don’t the ends justify the means? I mean, even if there is a huge revolt, if it actually does manage to end in a pure government, which I truly, truly doubt, it will have been worth the war. And that’s the point, right there. If it keeps getting worse, there could be a giant break. So vote. Keep it from getting worse. You might not think you vote has any effect, but it really does. One vote gathered with a million more makes a million and one, you never know who tips the scale.

Answer #19

….but the problem is that they control the votes as well. You might not realize it, but they have the technology to do so. Everything is already planned out- which is the scariest part.

Answer #20

19 didnt pass n republicans are taking over the house… no bueno!

Answer #21

There’s no proof that anything is controlled. In fact, if it were, there would be no need to spend thousands, even millions of dollars on campaigning. And who is, “they?”

Answer #22

I did. I like my right to complain about my government, and as far as I’m concerned, if you don’t vote and take an active role in your country’s politics, you have no right right to complain about the outcomes.

Answer #23

Don’t be blind- please.

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