What are some volleyball tips?

I tried out 4 the volleyball team this year and didnt make it. im going 2 keep practicing, but what are some things that can help me. like tips. thx.

Answer #1

it depends on why you didnt make it.. if its because you cant get your serves over you probly need 2 lift weights, or if its just because your bad at passing or setting, just keep practicing. hope that helps : )

Answer #2

EAT STRAWBERRIES !!! got milk ?

Answer #3

im not sure if your in shape or not so that might be something you want to work on. I am a volleyball player myself and I start everygame and am trying out for the provincial team this year. If you go onto youtube there are a lot of clips that can help you. As well you might want to go talk to the volleyball coach ask him or her if you can atleast practice with the team. That would deffinetly help you and improve your skills. Thats the best thing I think you could do becasue you would have a court and the coach would give you pointers threwout and then next year you will be way better and if he sees you really want it he might even ask you to come to a game.

Answer #4

okayy, well to get better just keep practicing. why didnt you make it? just eat healthy and KEEP IN SHAPE !! if you PRACTICE ATLEAST 2 TIMES A WEEK, EAT HEALTHY, KEEP IN SHAPE, you’ll be sure to make it next year..dontt give up !! you’ll never make the team if you aren’t confident. dont go in there thinking you wont make it !! be POSITIVE not NEGATIVE !! good luck !!

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