How many vitamins are too much?

I just recently picked up some prenatal pills, because I’ve heard they are good for your hair and whatnot, however I’m already taking a normal women’s multi-vitamin and vitamin D pills. Would taking all three of these once a day be a bad thing? I don’t want an over build up of minerals or something in my body.

Answer #1

Yes taking all of those would make you sick, you’d be able to tell it was to much. Prenatal vitamins in themselves might make you sick, so taking all three would be over-kill.

Answer #2

Yes, too many vitamins can have a lot of side effects, ESPECIALLY if you aren’t eating properly with it. What they can do is eat your stomach i.e. cause stomach ulcers and cause your kidneys and bladder to overword from filtering out the vitamins.

Also why are you drinking vitamin D, you should only be taking it in a multi vitamin, not seperately as we get it from the sun.

furthermore pregnancy vitamins are ment for two, not for one, stick to the normal woman’s vitamin. Pregnancy vitamins (regardless of the rumors) are too strong for you.

Answer #3

I started taking vitamin D tablets because I don’t go outside as often as I should, I don’t think I get enough sunlight and I’ve known people who have gotten mildly depressed for that reason, I didn’t want that happening.

Answer #4

If you are white you only need about 10 minutes of sunlight a day to get enough vitamin D, it’s a lot healthier than taking it artificially. Even driving in a car can give you enough sunlight daily.

Answer #5

Thanks for your help. I’ve just been trying to make sure I get all the vitamins I need because I’m pretty bad for watching things like that and I’ve been a vegetarian for over five years, I haven’t had any health problems yet, just something I think about.

Answer #6

Well it all depends on the individual. It depends on diet, habits, etc. Some people are just deficient in some things and therefore are going to need/be able to take more of that specific supplement.

Answer #7

You’re welcome and it’s good that you are thinking about your health. Also vegatarian is really good for you as well. Eat more beans and nuts for more important vitamins.

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