How many Emergen C packs can someone have in one day?

How many Emergen C packs can someone have in one day? Can someone have too much Vitamins? what happens if they do?

I likes me some emergen c lol

Answer #1

go ahead and take all of the vitamin c you can stand, what your body doesn’t need will simply leave when you visit the restroom. however- vitamin A and vitamin D can be toxic if taken in MASSIVE doses. the key word above is MASSIVE- which would most likely translate into 4 or 5 times the recommended daily amount ( I am not an expert on that regard, so please look up what a proper amount would be). vitamin C works the best when drinking a lot of water- so any excess will get peed out. and C works the best when you are taking a lot OF IT. the vitamins work the best when you are taking all of them together on a daily basis, so take all the C you can stand and have a healthy life.

Answer #2

Overdosing on vitamin C is NOT a good idea. I’d strongly recommend only taking one supplement per day, even if it’s tasty.

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