how do you get your virus off your compuer

how do you get your virus off your compuer without buying anythingg?

Answer #1

AVG anti-virus is free and good. You might have to get a friend to download a copy if your computer won’t do it for you.

Good Luck!!

Answer #2

If your a Comcast customer, you can get the McAfee security suite for free. But really, most anti-virus software will cost money. The longer you wait to remove it, the worse it gets.

Answer #3

Then keep it updated, and run it periodically. Usually free anti-viruses will not continuously, automatically scan your computer. You have to remember to do it manually.

Adding a two-way firewall (Zone alarm - free and good) and anti-spyware (Spybot: Search and Destroy as well as Ad-Aware - both good and both have free versions) will help you keep clean.

Good Luck!!

Answer #4

download the free anti virus software from the internet as avg free and mcafee.

after downloading the computer scan the computer from the installed anti virus software and delete the detected threats from the computer.

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