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I was sexually assaulted February 1st and the guy keeps moving around so we have yet to capture him or even get him served the protection order papers. He has been talking to several young girls (UNDERAGE, and he's TWENTY SEVEN) on myspace who have private profiles. I would like to view these profiles for printing of proof of what a nasty sexual predator this guy is so that it can help me with my case, providing I can get one together at all. PLEASE HELP.

How do you view a private myspace profiles?

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the only way you can veiw it is if you are there friend which means you have to send them a friend invite and the decied wether they want you or they can invite you.
But you sould go to tom from myspace this stuff should not be tolerated at all.
do you know who the girls are maybe asking there friends or something.

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I'm sorry, but that would be hacking and that's up to the police to do. People are usually innocent until proven guilty I'm afraid and even though im sure your right it's still not legal for you to hack into someone's private info whether they are perverts or not.

What number can Myspace profile views go up to?

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