Why can't I check or send e-mail on my old computer?

I have a 2003 Windows Millenium with about 60 MH and NO room at all. It’s very slow, won’t defrag and not worth upgrading to more gigabytes. Hotmail Yahoo and all email formatted programs literally shut the machine down. Is there any reason I wouldn’t be able to send or check email?

I’ve tried resetting my internet options, etc.. please help!!

Answer #1

It sounds more like a bug than a software issue, but I suppose it could be flash or shockwave related from ads on the email page. What sort of error are you getting? Is the machine turning off completely? What browser do you have (IE or Firefox or Netscape)? For space issues you may want to dump some files manually, but it may take the computer a long time to process so you will need patience and possibly a good book to read in the meantime. Funmail me for better descriptions of what to get rid of, how to disable flash if that is the problem, etc.

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