What to do if my daughter may have swallowed a magnet?

I have a question, my 16 month old was in my oldest daughter’s room, we thought all the doors were shut, but it was left open. I was in my bedroom & husband was in the living room. My 16 month old walked into my room holding a handful of my daughters magnetics. They are magnets with little metal balls and little rods. She was just holding them, but I don’t know if she swallowed one of the balls. If she did, would it harm her? She is acting fine today, this happened yesterday morning. The only thing is she is a little pale, but she is eating, and playing normally. I am freaking myself out about this. Could the metal, magnet balls poison her? Please someone who knows write me soon. Thanks

Answer #1

Err on the side of caution - that’s a precious life….see the Doctor….get an X-ray TODAY.

Answer #2

Take her to your doctor. Get an X-Ray.

Answer #3

You take her to the doctor.

Answer #4

Call her Dr.

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