What do I do with my 8yr old daughter?

My daughter has been labled the worst student her teacher has ever had..my daughter don’t listen in class..she gets other students in trouble she lies. She talks a lot..she is sassy and has a bad attitude..she is sneaky and seeks major attention and is seeking negative attention. Do you think she needs counsling

Answer #1

I would do just as the other person said but if it doesn’t work then I would take her out of school and start homeschooling her and you working with her may help.

Answer #2

I certainly would have my child assessed by a professional if she were deemed ‘the worst student the teacher ever had’ (unless of course this is a very young teacher)…from there, you can decide if counseling is in order or just plain old fashioned dicisipline. I don’t necessarily mean punishment, but like polystyrenehigh said, let her work for privledges and things that she wants. It will do wonders for making her feel good about herself, and provide her with the warm fuzzies of a job well done.


Answer #3

when my little brother started getting into a lot of trouble he got counsiling and they found out he had a.d.h.d. he was prescribed adderoll.. I think that is how to spell it.

he acts a lot better but he also has a.d.d. so when he doesn’t take his med. he gets really moody..

Answer #4

I really like what my parents did to me as a child. Yes, they were strict and I was afraid of them when I was a kid but I think they did their job and made me think straight.

What my parents did was they let me and my siblings know that we are NOT entitled for anything unless we work hard for it or unless we have a good attitude. We were taught to respect our parents and be grateful that they are working really hard to provide for us and in return, we need to do good in school so they will be proud of us. I dunno how my parents managed to like inculcate this thinking to us but that’s what my perspective is.

We were spanked too when we were kids (not hard though, just hands or slippers). If a kid still doesnt understand why the thing she did is wrong, I think spanking is a good way (because she will not do the thing again BECAUSE she’s afraid of getting spanked again. but when she grows older, she’ll understand the reason she got spanked).

If this style is not amenable to you, you could probably ask for a counselor’s help.

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