Answer #1

I don’t think being a vegetarian really affects your weight. I became a vegetarian when I was 12 or 13 and it didn’t do anything to me. Maybe if you aren’t getting enough nutrients it can cause you to be malnourished, or if you aren’t eating enough of what you need it could. Overall I think it’s more of a myth. I’ve met overweight vegetarians.

Answer #2

Not all of them. It depends on what’s in their diet. But the ones that are I think it’s mostly because they buy a lot of vegan foods like vegan cheese, vegan butter, etc.

Answer #3

I was a vegetarian for 5 years and no I actually lost weight when i started eating meat again.

Answer #4

no, not all of them are. the ones that are skinny are probably not eating enough food and carbs, so they become unhealthy and loose weight because there probably starving themselves on fruits and vegetables

Answer #5

no not skinny but healthy if you eat the right foods,, i became vegetarian about 4 yeas ago and im not super skinny

Answer #6

I think the ones that are would be that way because they think about what they eat, not because they dont eat meat. I find I mostly gain weight when I eat a lot of carbohydrates, and meat has very low carbs, whereas fruit and vegetables have high levels.

Answer #7

No, My mother-in-law has been a vegetarian for about 30 years and she is not skinny at all. She has recently lost a lot weight though by exercising more. Also my best friend is a vegetarian and she has been complaining about how she has gained so much weight. Although vegetables are needed for their vitamins meat has a lot of nutritious value as well. You need a well balanced diet with everything in it and to exercise to lose weight.

Answer #8

I’m a vegetarian and I haven’t lost any weight since I started, maybe they were just naturally skinny, because not all vegetarians are.

Answer #9

i’m a vegetarian was one since birth not all vegetarians are skinny the ones who are probably don’t meet their daily nutrient requirements like i have to eat vitamins cause i don’t get enough in my diet even though i eat like a horse but it also depends on their exercise routine too you have to have a good balanced diet and good exercise routine

Answer #10

Not always. By not having meats in your diet, you are depriving your body of B vitamins, which are used for muscle growth. That’s easy to obtain though, like pills.

Not eating enough and eating only veggies can actually make your body store those few nutrients as fat. Have you ever seen pictures of African children? They have bloated stomaches because they’re malnourished so it stores as fat and doesn’t usually go to your muscles.

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