What's the best thing to get my girlfriend for Valentine's Day?

What would be the best thing to get my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Answer #1

The most simple little thing could mean a lot to a girl. If you guys have a really good relationship, no matter what you give her, shes going to love you. If you two don’t really have that great of a relationship, then no matter what you give her it may not mean much to her. Giving her something even just a teddy bear shows you care, but the best thing to give her is your love. Valentines day is special to a lot of girls, take her out for a nice dinner. This may seem corny but last year my boyfriend bought me 12 roses, 11 real, 1 fake and told me when the last one dies thats when he will stop loving me. I know its corny and old, but it made me melt.

Answer #2

Awww I am going to do that. (: Thankyou!

Answer #3

I have gotten the same thing!! I absolutly LOVED it!!!

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