What should I give my her for Valentine's Day?

What should I give my girlfriend for valentine? In something simple but meaningful

Answer #1

If you two are quite close / serious then it would be great to make her something special. Get a shoebox and cover it with photos of you guys. Inside put meaningful little gifts. These could be little items that have a story behind them which include you both. And you could throw in a piece of jewellery in there, or a little teddy bear :)

Answer #2

Simple, but meaningful. Balloons and a teddy bear, are always very sweet. Maybe one of her favorite fragrances. A necklace or any kind of jewelry. Those are some ideas I could think. Best of luck. :)

Answer #3

well I think you should make a picture frame of pictures of you guys I would want that from my boyfriend! Good luck!

Answer #4

I think maby a rose,a frame,a ring,and a kiss.

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