What gift should I give to my boyfriend for Valentine's Day (he's 16)?

He is 16 years old, he’s a “pretty boy” (cares about his looks) he likes music, and especially he likes acting and theater. We have been together for about 3 weeks, but we both feel pretty seriously about each other… thanks to everyone who answers :)

Answer #1

yeah I am, sorry about the timing, but he is in Italy and we never got a chance to spend V Day together…so we are celebrating it next week..

Answer #2

can you ask nearer the 14th feb 2011 lol

are you talking about a belated prezzie?

Answer #3


what about some nice aftershave so he can smell good as well as look it?

I like the original Polo and Farenheit :)

tickets to the theater to see a play he likes, or may like?

I dont surggest an album as thats what most people would have done..

roses and chocolates… hmm maybe a small box of chocs or a love egg with his name on it…

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