Vaginal issues

My vaginal lips, or whatever you call them are pretty large, the are thin, like they are sposed 2 be, but they are really long and wide. I know this sounds wierd but I’ve looked at pictures of vaginas on wikipedia to see what they are sposed 2 look like but they look much much smaller. I really want to know if my vaginal lips are normal, or something. :S

Answer #1

I heard that genitalia (baha… funny word…honestly) is unique just like our eyes and lips and nose etc… im sure its nothing. but to be safe and to make yourself comfortable maybe you want to get checked out. :)

Answer #2

im sure nothings wrong. everyone is different and physical appearances such as that are genetic. that specific area is just what your genetics code is for.

nothings wrong with you :]

Answer #3

You are completely normal and healthy. Every single vagina looks completely different. There are so many variations and different sizes and shapes it’s ridiculous. There are some girls with short vaginal lips, some long and some with one long and one short. It doesn’t depend on health or anything like that and there isn’t anything that’s better than another. I remember being young and really unconfident about the way my vagina looks, but you will eventually come to realize that guys couldn’t possibly care less. Your vagina serves the ultimate purpose for guys, to make them cum during sex, and your vaginal lips have nothing to do with that, so they really aren’t going to notice. They bypass all that business and go straight for the cave. So no worries. Be safe.

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