Is your vagina tight after masterbating?

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well i think yes..

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No? It actually should loosen up, not tighten?

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It is tight right after but should loosen up.

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i depends on how you're masturbating, my vagina isn't always tight after I masturbate because I use dildos and b.o.b.'s allot
But either way yes eventually your vagina will tighten to it's normal size after 10 min

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Yes it is.

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Depends. When your more relaxed it wont be so rigid. It all depends. If you use something big alot it wont give it time to tighten again. Dont worry though, woman are usually tight until they have a baby. Speaking from what people tell me. Im only 15.

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i think it would be loser

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well while ur masterbating it does spread open slightly but doesnt make ne permanant chages if i was tight b4 u did it i will still b tight after of course unless ur using a rather large dildo or sumthing

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