How will the tightness of my vagina change if i masterbate?

Will my vagina become loose if I finger myself and masterbate often? I'd like to be really tight for the first time my boyfriend fingers me, and for the first time him and I have sex. So if I masterbate on my own time will my vagina strech or become loose? thanks y'all :)

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It's always gonna just go back to the normal side it also goes for arousal

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No, masterbating does not affect the tightness of your vagina. And fingering yourself can if you use more than two fingers. 't think your boyfriend will really be able to tell that much if you're loose or tight just by fingering you. Your vagina has muscles inside of it that naturally tighten itself after time. And you can do's an exercise where you use the muscles in your vagina and it makes your vagina tighter.

Is your vagina tight after masterbating?
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Fingering yourself won't have much effect on the tightness of your vagina. For starters, the vaginal walls are usually touching each other, its believed that the vagina is just a cavity (which it clearly isn't). The only way it can have an effect on the tightness is if your fingers are really wide and your using more than 2 fingers. Just to add, if you haven't been engaging in sports like horseback riding then your hymen is probably in tact. That adds to the tightness.

The vaginal muscles usually keep the vaginal walls keep it tight and close together. These muscles can be controlled through kegel exercises. You really don't need to do these types of exercises at all. The vagina retains its tightness even after penetration from a penis. You don't have much to worry about.

One more thing to keep in mind, masturbation doesn't consist of just fingering yourself. You can always rub your clitoris in a circular motion and that won't have an effect on the tightness. it might create vaginal lubrication because the pleasure from your clitoris is arousing you. When your aroused your vagina creates lubrication to aid in penetration. The lubrication might make it feel loose when in reality its not its just wet and slippery.

I'm sure your boyfriend will like you no matter what you are. If he complains about your vagina being to loose then is worth having around? Not form my perspective. As for fingering, its usually done to please you so I'm sure hes thinking about pleasing you and less about how tight you are.

Hope this helps.

When masterbating and inserting an object into your vagina?

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