V necks

Whats the style called that wears kinda tight jeans and v necks?

Answer #1

I think It’s kinda A skater thing now… Just a guess don’t quote me. (I know you posted the question not wanting guesses but actual knowledge and I’m sorry haha)

Answer #2

urban outfitters scenester lame style

Answer #3

okay, it’s called scene. kinda like punk but they have nicer hair.:)

Answer #4

v necks loosen up the very important area where we bring in oxygen. hmm. so if you or anyone is interested or feeling like they are more comfortable in a v neck or need to where v necks, then they may need more oxygen.
Tight jeans. People who where tight jeans are just showing off that they have potential to reproduce, and are interested in that. Sorry to be so analytical. Those two desires : more oxygen, and wanting to reproduce or show that you have that ability, what would you call that?

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