neck tatoo in cursive design, good idea or not?

I been thinking about getting a tatoo on my neck that have my initials (IAM) in a neat cursive design is this a good idea

Answer #1

I think that it sounds cool but I would not get it on your neck. If you ever have a job interview you can’t cover that up very good. I would get it some place where it is easy to cover if you need to.

Answer #2

Oh, wow! Tehe

Answer #3

“I am” is a common tattoo for gay men fyi.

Answer #4

You might want to rethink that a little—there is a name brand IAMS pet food for dogs and cats. lol I’m just saying…

Answer #5

sure go 4 it, I’ve seen a lot of people like that so yeah

Answer #6

have one but make sure it stands out

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