Answer #1

Never used it…what is it?

Answer #2

yes what is it?

Answer #3

its a social networking site like myspace and facebook but its 4th best ranking now

Answer #4

I useed to go on it then facebook took over, i did check on it but now i forgot my password

Answer #5

At over 30 million users, I’d say people still use it….I’m not one of them.

Answer #6

Never got into it. facebook is really the only networking site I got that in to. I had a myspace but didn’t like it that much. Never even heard about bebo until I played poker on facebook and saw there were people from bebo playing to.

Answer #7

Nope never :)

Answer #8

i still have mine but all my friends deleterd thair accounts so im on my own on thair :/

Answer #9


Answer #10

Haven’t used it since I was about 13!

Answer #11

I used to, but then facebook came along and with the instant chat and tagging people in photos and even status updates where on facebook first. I maybe would use bebo if other people did, but they dont so I only pop on it once in a blue moon.

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