What happens when you have to urinate but hold it in?

Answer #1

Nothing. Although it does increase your odds of getting a bladder infection.

Answer #2

Holy Sh!t i am never holding it in again

Answer #3

You could get a bladder infection, from experience I know, always go when you have to go and drink enough water during the day.

Answer #4

it starts to hurt a lot,, you might not even be able to walk

Answer #5

I didnt say you were going to get a bladder infection. I just said it increases the odds. I have OCD, and outside bathrooms are a nightmare for me. Which means I’ll usually wait till I get home to go to the bathroom. Nothing’s happened yet. But it can happen. That’s all i’m saying.

Answer #6

I once heard a story about this man who was at a dinner party, and he felt it was rude to leave the table to pee, so he held it in, and his bladder burst, and he died :|

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