Can i go to an urgent care to have a doctor prescribe birth control?

I am wanting to get on birth control but I no longer have my own doctor that I go to. So am I able to go to an Urgent Care to get a presciption?

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Just call and make an appointment at any close by clinic, like planned parenthood for example and they should be able to take care of that for you there.

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you don't even have to go to urgent care. Your doctor will prescribe it for you! They will ask you why, and make sure to tell them for PMS reasons

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I don't have a doctor at the moment. I've been going to Urgent Care for my medical stuff. & will they not want to prescribe it if I simply say it's because I'm having sex?

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What is Urgent Care? Is that like the Emergency? If so, please don't go there for such a trivial thing. The wait times for people who have serious problems is long enough without the doctors wasting their time on patients who could just as easily have been seen at a walk-in clinic or health centre.

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However if she goes to Emergency, the nurse would send her of to the clinic.

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Urgent Care is a walk-in clinic..
That's also where I go to get my physicals since I don't have my own personal doctor anymore.

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The best place to go to get birth control if you don't have a regular doctor is Planned Parenthood.

They have great doctors there who will take care of you.

Plus, they usually have low-cost options for you if you don't have much money.

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