Who is your favourite person on American Idol season 10?

Answer #1

paul,scotty,lauren,haley,james [;

Answer #2

Scotty and Haley… =)

Answer #3

Ohh yeah i luv them

Answer #4

Luv Them!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #5

Pia, and Thia.

Answer #6

thia got voted off THANK JESUS i hated her

Answer #7

ohh i liked her.. because she was asian.. but i think pia is really good. she has potential to win,

Answer #8

i think either lauren, paul or james r gonna win honestly

Answer #9

Haley or Stephano :)

Answer #10

Pia and James!

Answer #11

The only ones I don’t like are naima (so glad she’s gone) and paul

Answer #12

pauls amazing

Answer #13

I just don’t like his voice, idk why.

Answer #14

omg its soo unique!!

Answer #15

My favorite is Casey because he isnt afraid of being himself and he isnt the typical idol.

Answer #16

haley & lauren alaina

Answer #17


Answer #18

I luv them. I luv country singers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #19

Nobody this season. Idol sucks now. We need Simon back!

Answer #20

I like it but Simon made it more fun!!!!!!

Answer #21

I know D:

Answer #22

well Pia is doing the big songs like whitney houston and people like that and when your going on american idol and your seeing big song from big people then you know your their to win, i really dont like those people i think pia is there to win and if people did want to win they would be singing big songs too like pia.

Answer #23
  • singing.. not seeing
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